About Mathis

Mathis Rehab Centers (MRC) began in 2003 in Manhattan, Kansas.  Our goal was to be of service to others by providing innovative, team-based, patient-centered care.  Mathis Rehab Centers is a dynamically growing
therapist-owned company that owns and operates physical therapy outpatient and hospital-based
Centers.  Mathis Rehab Centers serves communities in northeast Kansas, from Junction City to Emporia. 

Mathis Rehab Centers brings needed services to our communities by using a combination of delivery strategies.  We have successfully combined a quality care emphasis with efficient management systems to compete with the financial pressures of corporate healthcare. 

Although our roots are in physical medicine and rehabilitation, MRC has expanded into revenue cycle management (TR Solutions, LLC) and managed services.  Mathis Rehab Centers is a proud partner of Katie’s Way, providing practice management services.  Katie’s Way is a mental health facility providing
psychiatry, psychotherapy, and transcranial magnetic stimulation.  

All facilities combined, MRC performs/manages over 7500 patient visits per month.

As we continue to evolve and expand, we will never lose sight of the goal with which the company was founded, to be of service to others.